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One of the most important functions of any law enforcement agency is training.  All officers in the State of Mississippi are required to maintain a certain level of training each year.  The RPD meets and far exceeds the state’s minimum requirements for training.  The RPD has employed a full-time training officer since 2003. The training officer has been responsible for the growth and health of our training program since its inception.  Properly trained officers provide a safer community for themselves and our citizens.  Some of the training received each year is listed below.

Training Instructors

All RPD instructors who teach mandated courses have received instructor status from the Mississippi Board of Standards and Training. The RPD currently has certified instructors in defensive tactics, O.C. spray (mace), firearms, shooting decisions, impaired driving, and pursuit driving.

In-Service Training

All sworn officers participate in an annual in-service training program, which is held at the RPD. The training includes annual firearms qualification and all mandated and elective hours to meet the Mississippi Board of Standards and Training’s continuing education requirements for police officer re-certification.

Specialized Training 

Officers receive specialized training to develop particular skills, knowledge, and ability according to their specific assignment. Such training may be supervised on-the-job training or training provided through an external program.

Firing Range

The RPD maintains an indoor/outdoor firing range and training facility. It is paved, lighted, and consists of ten shooter targets, as well as a training house with full facilities. This facility includes a flat pistol range, a tactical shoot house, a 5,100 square foot training building, and a 300-meter sniper course. The range can be used for formal firearms training, shooting practice, other types of training, and various meetings. Authorization for range usage must be obtained from the training supervisor. 

In addition to training the RPD staff, the facility is also utilized by over 20 state, federal, and local agencies at little or no cost.

**The Firing Range is not open to the general public. **