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State law requires that all businesses operating within a City must acquire that City’s privilege license. This applies to all businesses, including home occupation and online operations with rare exceptions. Please contact Hanna Goodman, by phone or by email with any questions concerning new and renewal applications. If your business has moved, or closed, please contact our office to inform us of the change.

Hanna Goodman
380 Scarbrough Street
P O Box 180609
Richland, MS 39218
Phone: 601-420-1549

Privilege license dates run from October 1 to September 30 every year. All renewal applications submitted in person or by mail, postmarked, after September 30 each year, will be assessed a late fee. The penalty must be included with your payment before your license can be printed. Late fees begin at 10% in October, and increase by 1% for each subsequent month.

The city of Richland’s ad valorem tax rate is among the lowest in the metro Jackson area at 19 mills. The tax rate for business and residential property is the same. A 7% state sales tax is collected on all retail purchases. An additional 2% economic development tax is applied to all prepared food items, as well as an additional 3% economic development tax applied to all hotel and motel room rentals. All 2% and 3% monies have been designated by the State Legislature to be expended for the exclusive purposes of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism.

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