Community Center

Facility Rentals

The Community Center and the Park Pavilions (the “Facilities”) have been constructed and maintained by the tax revenues of the taxpayers of the City of Richland, Mississippi, and are intended for use by the citizens of the City of Richland. The following rules have been adopted for the purpose of placing reasonable restrictions on the use of these Facilities which will further this purpose. It is necessary that all persons using these Facilities adhere to the following rules and regulations.

CLICK HERE for the Community Center policies, procedures and rate sheet.

Rental Fees

For County, State, Federal Government Agencies/Associations,
Non-Resident Non-Profit Organizations
and For Profit rental fees, please contact the Community Center.

Renter’s Responsibilities

This is a brief overview; please click below for a complete copy of all rules & policies.

  • Rental time must be consecutive and must include SET-UP, EVENT & CLEAN UP. Arrival no earlier than fifteen (15) minutes prior to rental time is permitted. The facility must be vacated within the agreed rental time.
  • ANY additional hours must be purchased in advance, during regular business office hours. ADDITIONAL TIME may NOT be purchased at time of event.
  • NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are allowed on City property.
  • NO SMOKING OR USE OF TOBACCO in any form is allowed on City Property.
  • NO ANIMALS of any kind allowed on City Property.
  • Materials such as nails, tacks, pins, staples, glue, tape, etc., may NOT be used to attach decorations to the walls, doors, ceilings or tables. Damage to walls, doors, ceilings or tables will result in loss of security deposit and/or additional charges may apply.  Decorations must be FREE STANDING ONLY!
  • All decorations must be contained in rented room only. NO DECORATIONS IN HALLWAY OR FRONT DESK (Registration table ONLY may be used in Hallway).
  • Fresh flowers, petals, bubbles and flameless candle lights (battery operated) are recommended for weddings. NO BIRD SEED, NO RICE, NO SPARKLERS, NO CANDLES, NO GLITTER, NO CONFETTI and NO FOG/SMOKE MACHINES ARE ALLOWED. Use of these will result in loss of security deposit.
  • All spills must be cleaned up immediately; any stains left in carpet will result in loss of deposit and require professional carpet cleaning at the renter’s expense.
  • RENTED FACILITY MUST BE COMPLETELY CLEANED (vacuumed, swept, mopped, tables/kitchen/counter tops wiped down, trash taken to the dumpster) and VACATED within the AGREED RENTAL TIME OR LOSS OF SECURITY DEPOSIT AND ADDITIONAL CHARGES MAY APPLY. ON-CALL PERSON MUST BE CALLED AND RETURN TO INSPECT THE ROOM.  LEAVING BEFORE INSPECTION WILL RESULT IN AUTOMATIC LOSS OF SECURITY DEPOSIT.  The on-call attendant’s name & contact information is posted outside the front entrance and also next to the courtesy telephone at the front desk.
  • The Community Center reserves the right to require police security at functions deemed necessary at the expense of the group or organization using the facilities. There is a minimum requirement of two (2) Richland Police officers per event with a minimum charge of $25.00 per hour, per officer. This fee must be paid in full with CASH at the time of booking.
  • Reservations made within 2 weeks of the event must be paid in CASH or DEBIT/CREDIT CARD (Visa or MasterCard) ONLY. Checks will not be accepted.

CLICK HERE for the complete Community Center Rental Policies, Procedures & Fees

Eastside & Westside Pavilion Rental Rates:

Resident/City Businesses (Richland Tax Payers):     $10 for two (2) hours     Add’l hours $5 per hour

Non-Resident:      $20 for two (2) hours     Add’l hours $10 per hour

Space for Amusement Devices:  $25 PER Device DRY INFLATABLES ONLY
(No carnival-type rides, no waterslides, no petting zoos, no dunking booths)